MRDD will be accepting candidates for 2021

By Miss Diva Doll - มิถุนายน 20, 2564

 MRDD will be accepting candidates for 2021

NOTICE : Please read carefully
Mister Divo Doll is looking for The men doll who ready to work for social welfare with MRDD Organization and MDD Organization. The doll's owner will represent your doll.
Rules and Regulations
1. You can choose to represent 1 or 2 countries around the world. (For the owners not living in Thailand only)
2. The doll must be 12 inch Fashion Royalty Homme, ADONIS, Ken doll, 1/6 action figure or another dynamic body and human-like appearance. The doll repaint and hair reroot are acceptable.
3.Submit a photo of the candidate to MRDD for the Pre-Qualification.
4.All dolls must arrive Thailand by or before ***2021.
5.Please include these items in your package:
The doll in perfect condition
5.1 One National Costume
5.2 Two Evening wear with Shoes
5.3 Arrival Outfit
5.4 One White Swimwear
5.5 Doll stand in Black color (Writing your country under it)
5.6 2,000 Bath (For the owners living in Asia Countries) , 2,500 Bath (For the owners living in America and Europe Countries) , 700 Bath (For the owners living in Thailand) application fee and post fee. If There is custom fees, we will require an additional payment. A receipt will be presented.
5.7 You must transfer the fees to MDD via Moneygram or Western Union or Paypal.
5.8 Your package must weight less than 1 kg. If it over you must pay for the fee. And when you send package to us. Please note on the box "It's Doll Used" in the value box.
6. The doll owner will represent that doll and cooperate with MRDD Organization by show your name, surname, address, phonenumber, LINE id and FACEBOOK that MDD can contact you easily.
8. Your doll must have photo before your send to us.
9. The doll must remain with MRDD during the competition until November 2021.
Please read all the rules and regulations carefully. If you haven’t got the rules and regulations from us, please ask for it.
Best regards,
Miss Diva Doll organization
Mister Divo Doll 2021 Registration open for booking the country's representator NOW!
To register, please click Send Message on our Facebook page. For further inquiries, please contact MRDD Organization on Facebook Message. Thank you.

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